Yield Booster


Through the YieldBooster plugin, every user can allocate its xKIM to a KIM position (kpNFT) in order to earn additional rewards from farming emissions.

The induced yield boost multiplier is different based on the staking position's wrapped LP, but will usually use the default x2 value.

Mechanics of the plugin

This value is calculated for every position from the following elements:

  • The position's LP amount

  • The total staked LP amount across all positions and users

  • The position's allocated xKIM amount

  • The total allocated xKIM across all of the positions with the same LP

  • The LP max boost multiplier (can't exceed x2.5)

The formula is very straightforward:

boostMultiplier=(userLPāˆ—totalAllocationāˆ—maxBoostMultiplier)totalLPāˆ—userAllocationboostMultiplier = \cfrac{(userLP * totalAllocation * maxBoostMultiplier)}{totalLP * userAllocation}

As more xKIM is assigned to a pair, the boost will decrease for each user's allocated amount. The process works in both directions; the less xKIM is assigned to a pair in total the higher the APR for each user's allocated amount

The Yield Booster affects rewards earned from farming emissions (x/KIM) only, without impacting rewards from:

  • LP trading fees


Deallocating xKIM from this plugin is not subject to any condition, and can be done at any time.

The deallocation fee is 0.5%.

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