Comprehensive Security Audits To validate the security and integrity of its smart contracts, Kim DEX has undergone a thorough audit by Quantstamp, a leading firm in smart contract security. Quantstamp audit services are renowned for their sophistication and thoroughness, assuring the robustness of Kim DEX's contracts. Users interested in reviewing the detailed audit report can access it here.

To further bolster the protocol's security, Kim DEX has implemented multisig, short for multi-signature, a type of digital signature that combines multiple unique signatures. This ensures that funds stored on a multi-signature address can only be accessed when two or more signatures are provided simultaneously. Using multisig wallets provides an additional layer of security, and by utilizing multisig, we can avoid the problems often associated with single-key wallets.

Our V4 AMM is based on the Algebra Integral solution. For audits related to this protocol component consult the following page.

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